Monday, January 21, 2013

Things that piss me off

I've got a bit of a health issue going on at the moment. Nothing serious but not something that I really want to go into. Just know that I'm fine, but a little uncomfortable and somewhat irritable. Seriously, everything is pissing me off: friends, family, anyone who opens their mouth around me, society, government, television.

So I could probably pepper this post with the things that piss me off (like alliteration) but I'll show some self-restraint - and it would be really boring stuff like the way the dishes pile up on the sink and then I wash them and then they pile up again. Fucking Sisyphus pushing his fucking rock up the hill, I tell you. Dishes are the modern equivalent. Except I don't feel especially above my situation when I see a new pile before me and I realise the horror of my existence. See - now I'm pissed off with existentialists.

With work so busy I have had so very little time to write. Work is like this mountain - a freaking mountain, I tell you - of files on my desk. I was there until 7.30 pm on Thursday night just finding places to put the files. I had to hand some of my files off to one of my colleagues - which I really didn't want to do (it's a sign I'm not coping, and I hate to look like I'm not coping) but I needed a day off to take the cat to the vet (big drama) so it became a necessity.

Those were things that piss me off and now for something completely different.

I watched Comic Book: The Movie - which I recommend, especially if you're a comic book fan. And get the freaking DVD! I mean, the movie is fine and full of cameos (JJ Abrams, Matt Groening, Chase Masterson, Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Hugh Hefner amongst many others) but the DVD has deleted scenes which are actually worth watching and features the panel session at Comicon with all these voice actors which is freaking amazing! And the commentary is funny, and informative and WAY more interesting than 95% of all commentaries - and I'm not even through watching the extras yet.

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