Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MorroWind Predator Mod

MorroWind Predator Mod

Here's Muddy-Toes, the hapless victim of these Aliens.  Bear in mind, this Argonian is a test player, he's juked to 5000 hp, has (never more than) 100 skill credits and has never left the census office except for a brief visit to Ft Argonia to appropriate some armor (kudos for the Ft Argonia Mod) and then back into the Census office for a save.  I can't bring myself to take my Wolven character in there to be slaughtered.  Argonians, be not offended, if I didn't have my wolven race I'd be an Argonian. You can see one of the tricked to sleep Drones over there by an egg cluster.   It's a dark dungeon made for the hardened warrior with a nice reward if you can beat the Empress. This dungeon is NOT designed for anything less powerful than a battle matured Predator.  It does NOT have the beginning player in mind. This project draws to an end.  The face huggers will soon be fully implemented.   I won't give anything more away to the detriment of the players of this Mod.  If desired, more screenies can be provided of the Xenomorphs.  Besides the facehuggers, there is one other animation I am quite proud of, it's a living weapon, one that I think will be much coveted. 

These are beta release animations which will not be finalized until the Mod goes GOLD and is released. The final Mod introduces Playable Predators, with classes and factions and a quest system.  Aliens are monsters and are not playable.  No attempt was made to make them playable since an alien could never complete the quests of Morrowind. MorroWind Predator Mod developing will be discontinued.

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