Monday, January 21, 2013

Things that piss me off

I've got a bit of a health issue going on at the moment. Nothing serious but not something that I really want to go into. Just know that I'm fine, but a little uncomfortable and somewhat irritable. Seriously, everything is pissing me off: friends, family, anyone who opens their mouth around me, society, government, television.

So I could probably pepper this post with the things that piss me off (like alliteration) but I'll show some self-restraint - and it would be really boring stuff like the way the dishes pile up on the sink and then I wash them and then they pile up again. Fucking Sisyphus pushing his fucking rock up the hill, I tell you. Dishes are the modern equivalent. Except I don't feel especially above my situation when I see a new pile before me and I realise the horror of my existence. See - now I'm pissed off with existentialists.

With work so busy I have had so very little time to write. Work is like this mountain - a freaking mountain, I tell you - of files on my desk. I was there until 7.30 pm on Thursday night just finding places to put the files. I had to hand some of my files off to one of my colleagues - which I really didn't want to do (it's a sign I'm not coping, and I hate to look like I'm not coping) but I needed a day off to take the cat to the vet (big drama) so it became a necessity.

Those were things that piss me off and now for something completely different.

I watched Comic Book: The Movie - which I recommend, especially if you're a comic book fan. And get the freaking DVD! I mean, the movie is fine and full of cameos (JJ Abrams, Matt Groening, Chase Masterson, Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Hugh Hefner amongst many others) but the DVD has deleted scenes which are actually worth watching and features the panel session at Comicon with all these voice actors which is freaking amazing! And the commentary is funny, and informative and WAY more interesting than 95% of all commentaries - and I'm not even through watching the extras yet.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MorroWind Predator Mod

MorroWind Predator Mod

Here's Muddy-Toes, the hapless victim of these Aliens.  Bear in mind, this Argonian is a test player, he's juked to 5000 hp, has (never more than) 100 skill credits and has never left the census office except for a brief visit to Ft Argonia to appropriate some armor (kudos for the Ft Argonia Mod) and then back into the Census office for a save.  I can't bring myself to take my Wolven character in there to be slaughtered.  Argonians, be not offended, if I didn't have my wolven race I'd be an Argonian. You can see one of the tricked to sleep Drones over there by an egg cluster.   It's a dark dungeon made for the hardened warrior with a nice reward if you can beat the Empress. This dungeon is NOT designed for anything less powerful than a battle matured Predator.  It does NOT have the beginning player in mind. This project draws to an end.  The face huggers will soon be fully implemented.   I won't give anything more away to the detriment of the players of this Mod.  If desired, more screenies can be provided of the Xenomorphs.  Besides the facehuggers, there is one other animation I am quite proud of, it's a living weapon, one that I think will be much coveted. 

These are beta release animations which will not be finalized until the Mod goes GOLD and is released. The final Mod introduces Playable Predators, with classes and factions and a quest system.  Aliens are monsters and are not playable.  No attempt was made to make them playable since an alien could never complete the quests of Morrowind. MorroWind Predator Mod developing will be discontinued.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Elbow Wedding Rings - good or not?

Elbow Wedding Rings - good or not?

"There is a titanic number of wedding rings elbow in the shops these days. In in truth, you have the coterie of wedding rings to judge from. The ripe high road shops in a wide community have a rather meet preference, but the Internet lays the beat jewellers and the most superbly styles out for your inspection.

So, it is key that you take your on one occasion when choosing one. Dialect mayhap the immense alternative of wedding rings makes that more difficile not easier. Diamond wedding rings have been the most dominant since peasant working people could supply them, before that a simple combo unite of gold had to enough, for people who could manage that much.

Nowadays, Western people have become more adventurousness and they are choosing other stones like the strikingly pretty titillating sapphire. Some even deciding not to have a stone at all, active back to usage, so to address. However, there are mess of examples of not so unlovely bands of gold too.

There is the Irish Claddagh ring with its characteristic two hands holding a crowned pump symbolizing darling, fellowship and firmness; and there is the Celtic Knot with its intricately interwoven strands twisting and turning without end, customary for perpetuity and incessant passion regardless of the twists and turns and difficulties of continually moving spirit.

So, selecting a wedding ring is not very recently a query of picking a delightful wedding ring, you should be choosing one that says what you be deficient in it to say. You could look up on the Internet what the extraordinary metals and different stones point to traditionally. It is not as extravagant as you might think.

Institution is a admissible constituent when it comes to wedding rings. After all, you pine for your ring to precise your endless tenderness and allegiance for the man you are giving it to and your amalgamation could last fifty or sixty years, exceptionally with people living longer these days. It is hoped, you will tear this ring for the overage of your spark of life..."

Elbow Wedding Rings - good or not? Of course yes.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Funny article about Black Bear

I found it somewhere ages ago and don't know the source now.

After the Army and before beginning animal impersonations, Blackbear was involved in zoological preservation where as a zookeeper he gained the knowledge of both behavior and movement of a large variety of animals over several years.  His clown nature kicked in when he began to imitate and characterize animals through use of mimicry, costume and clown techniques.
These were his 'joeys'.  Vic Camp, one of his important mentors and who continues in zoological preservation today, snapped the picture showing Blackbear with one of his hand reared and favorite kangaroos.
He began performing his clown routines in 1976 providing Holiday Animals for the Oklahoma City area local merchants and became interested in marketing by 1980 and decided to approach a broadcasting company and there studied advertising, marketing and sales under the auspices and encouragement of  William "Bill" Payne, a gentleman whom he greatly respects and admires.

Blackbear is a fully capable salesman trained at the Jim Williams School of Sales and Advertising as well as the Dale Carnegie School of Sales.  He is educated in Applied Sciences, which he financed through his five years working at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Blackbear has performed in venues from Super bowl appearances to junior league events, commercial advertising, parades, nightclubs and has appeared upon the stage with stars ranging from George Jones to the Electric Light Orchestra, Deep Purple and others.

His physical stamina, his clown heart and great appreciation for animals, have made this performer a natural for animal impersonations and it is an occupation he continues in today as he concentrates upon Bear Conservation and Preservation for the foundation for whom he is the Artist in Residence. 

Blackbear is owner of the Byron T Bear enterprise which provides a professional costume character impressionist. The Foundation is named for his clown character "Byron T Bear" and he is a member in good standing of the World Clown Association WCA#  22558.  The copyright character "Byron T Bear" is the mascot of the foundation and is an American Blackbear Practical Special Effects Animal created by Animal Firm.  These artists are foremost in the field of Practical Special Effects with their fingerprints on a great many of Box Office Hollywood Hits.

Byron T Bear is currently involved in raising environmental concerns world-wide. Helping educate people who live in bear country, about living with bears.