Saturday, September 22, 2012

Funny article about Black Bear

I found it somewhere ages ago and don't know the source now.

After the Army and before beginning animal impersonations, Blackbear was involved in zoological preservation where as a zookeeper he gained the knowledge of both behavior and movement of a large variety of animals over several years.  His clown nature kicked in when he began to imitate and characterize animals through use of mimicry, costume and clown techniques.
These were his 'joeys'.  Vic Camp, one of his important mentors and who continues in zoological preservation today, snapped the picture showing Blackbear with one of his hand reared and favorite kangaroos.
He began performing his clown routines in 1976 providing Holiday Animals for the Oklahoma City area local merchants and became interested in marketing by 1980 and decided to approach a broadcasting company and there studied advertising, marketing and sales under the auspices and encouragement of  William "Bill" Payne, a gentleman whom he greatly respects and admires.

Blackbear is a fully capable salesman trained at the Jim Williams School of Sales and Advertising as well as the Dale Carnegie School of Sales.  He is educated in Applied Sciences, which he financed through his five years working at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Blackbear has performed in venues from Super bowl appearances to junior league events, commercial advertising, parades, nightclubs and has appeared upon the stage with stars ranging from George Jones to the Electric Light Orchestra, Deep Purple and others.

His physical stamina, his clown heart and great appreciation for animals, have made this performer a natural for animal impersonations and it is an occupation he continues in today as he concentrates upon Bear Conservation and Preservation for the foundation for whom he is the Artist in Residence. 

Blackbear is owner of the Byron T Bear enterprise which provides a professional costume character impressionist. The Foundation is named for his clown character "Byron T Bear" and he is a member in good standing of the World Clown Association WCA#  22558.  The copyright character "Byron T Bear" is the mascot of the foundation and is an American Blackbear Practical Special Effects Animal created by Animal Firm.  These artists are foremost in the field of Practical Special Effects with their fingerprints on a great many of Box Office Hollywood Hits.

Byron T Bear is currently involved in raising environmental concerns world-wide. Helping educate people who live in bear country, about living with bears. 

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